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about me

A former lawyer turned actress, who has been practising kung fu from a young age. She has gained experience in New York and Hong Kong. She is also an avid Scrabble enthusiast and recovering World of Warcraft gamer.

Height: 5"3   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown


Spring-Time Production Hong Kong     |   The Sound of Music                        |   2016  |   Liesl (Supporting)  

Abstract Sentiment Theatre New York   |   What Happened to the Dollar?       |   2015 |   Shift (Lead)


Grex Group Theatre New York               |   Life & Death                                    |   2014  |   Chantal (Lead)

Hong Kong Players                                |   The Graduate                                  |   2012  |   Elaine Robinson (Lead)  

La Petit Morgue New York                     |   What Would You...                           |   2013  |   Bobbi (Lead)


Matt Heron, Dir.                                     |   Audition                                           |   Lead

Milkyway Image Hong Kong                  |   Lifeline                                              |   Supporting

Spring-Time Production Hong Kong     |   Rice                                                   |   Lead

Asia Television Limited Hong Kong       |   Vampire Expert II                              |   Supporting

Cannibal Troll Productions                    |   Fallen Angel                                      |   Supporting


Moviola Productions Ltd. Hong Kong   |   DBS "Sparks"                                    |   Supporting

Web Series

education & Training 

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York

Method Acting: Roberta Wallach, Ted Zurkowski, Mauricio Bustamante, Robert Ellermann

Acting for Film & TV: Paul Calderon, Bill Hopkins
Singing/Dance/Stage Combat: Jeffrey Ferguson, Jan Douglas, Allen Suddeth 

The University of Exeter, England

Bachelor of Laws, L.L.B.


Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

Acting & Theatre: Felicity Higginbottom, Neil Harris

Special Skills

Dialects (Standard British, Cockney, American Southern), Languages (Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French Basic), Singer (Mezzo-Soprano), Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Running, Yoga, Quick Study, Gamer (Xbox, Warcraft)

Scene Study
Ted Zurkowski, LSTFI-NY                           |   Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                           |   Margaret
Robert Ellermann, LSTFI-NY                      |   The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant          |   Karin
Mauricio Bustamante, LSTFI-NY                 |   The Woods                                         |   Ruth
Bill Hopkins, LSTFI-NY                               |   Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   |   Mary
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